Farming Gods Way Training

Farming God’s Way Training Facilities in George, South Africa

In Southern Africa, poverty and malnutrition have been such destructive forces in many communities. Woman and children are particularly vulnerable, even though food is available, the cost of nutrition is unobtainable. This is further impacted by a younger generation migrating to cities to get jobs and lifestyles that are often not available, leading to major social issues such as crime, gangs, and complete dependence on the social grant system. The impact in their rural home communities leads to an unbalanced older generation trying to maintain traditions, while the social order is broken.

Farming God's Way is a proven agriculture and discipleship training program for helping alleviate poverty, restore dignity, improve nutrition, and share the Gospel all together. It is designed for Africa and has many testimonies of the impact it's had on individuals and communities. The great part is the Biblical pillar is a key part of the training, along with Management and Technology of farming.

We are in the process of establishing a test farm and training facilities in George in South Africa for the local communities. Most of the funds we need is for leasing land, establishing water harvesting and irrigation, getting implements, tools, and seedlings to get going. We also need facilities sheds, shipping containers that we can work and train from. The area we are in needs fencing to protect from wildlife, particularly the protected baboons in the area that raid the fields quiet often. We are looking at offering the training to poorer communities and will offer other entrepreneurship and post food processing training courses. It would be ideal to get a small solar electricity system in place, as we have major issues with our national electricity supplier. This is to drive pumps, and for the training facility.

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We will replicate what we do in George as a model to take to other regions and nations. We have opportunities in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Mozambique, and Lesotho in addition to George. This project forms a small part of a bigger vision we have for a sending platform for missions, where we do rapid equipping of believers to take up their call and go into any mountain of culture God call them to. You can find out more about our vision for King David’s Tent at

We would love your help, encouragement, prayers, and any support you feel led to contribute. You can contact me at for more information.

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Please consider supporting our campaign on GiveSendGo